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From A Different Point of View


Heir Drone Company uses revolutionary technology to create 2D and 3D maps, improve safety, increase business, and capture the bigger picture from the air above. 


Heir Drone Company is dedicated to providing innovative unmanned aerial technology to increase operations, improve safety, and exceed customer expectations.

Certified in Providing Great Customer Service

Heir (Air)

Heir Drone Company is next in line to enhancing how we operate in many industries thus dubbing drones the heir to this next technological step in improvement by capturing your needs from the air.

Garreth Stephens

Garreth Stephens - Heir Drone Company

I am a native to southern Indiana born and raised. From an early age, I knew all I ever wanted to be was a pilot, and by the age of 18, I achieved obtaining a private pilot certificate. I attended Indiana State University where I was introduced to drone technology, and I decided to pursue a bachelor's degree in Unmanned Systems with a focus on UAV. I created Heir: The Southern Indiana Drone Company because I believe I can help the local businesses and consumers by making it an affordable drone company. I am pledging a percentage of all profits to be donated towards Savannah Smiles Foundation, helping troubled teens find an outlet in their lives, and show them how to create their own pathways to success.

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